It was all a distraction

We should call them 'brother" now.

Tag: time

Call me crazy..go ahead.

You can’t cage a tiger.

The tiger cages itself.

(In Soviet Russia…the tv watches YOU)

Grab onto your thread. Grab onto the thread.

What is this? Where are we?

How can we make it stop?


Time is a bitch.


You are the chosen one.

I hear violins.

You have work to do. You have work to do.

Little big voices tell me so. There’s a rythem.

There’s a rythem.

See the thread as it floats on by. We will never be here again.

never be here again.

And everything I’m saying isn’t really anything.

But you have to LISTEN.


I am everywhere and nowhere. Everywhere and nowhere.


The little boys are cutting down the trees.

It’s almost too late. Grab the thread before it

slips away.

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