It was all a distraction

We should call them 'brother" now.

Tag: poems

Title is optional.

I can’t hear them talk 

if they 


go to 



it is sad like a lion’s tooth. 

It is brown like a spotted bear. 

It is the only way I can keep it from happening.

This may be the end of the road.

Chance encounters with 

slimy gutters. 

I’d remove the 

scabby interactions 

if I could. 

I bite my fingers and 



and a half

glorious riders fell into the sea that morning. 

A giant leapt out of the water at the precise moment

their tongues met water. 

Fish swam.

Nets sank. 

A dribble of rain to start, 




There are two people in this body.

One does. 

One talks. 

(title optional)

I would be lying if I said anything. 

This word is not inside me. 

Use these stamps. 

I need to know what we mean. 

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