It was all a distraction

We should call them 'brother" now.

(title optional)

I would be lying if I said anything. 

This word is not inside me. 

Use these stamps. 

I need to know what we mean. 


(title optional)

These dreams. 

A building so tall. 

I could have flown. 

Curved cavernous walls.

It grabs

and stabs.

A mocking


Gem stones water with oiled cans.

A little less would go a lot longer.

And yes, it’s interesting to move from spot to spot.

These and those tug at me

(I turn my head)

Parabolas and tangent lines.

The first time, you’re below ground.

The second is oscillating


maddeningly simple and yet somehow so goddamn


Scramble upright just as soon as I can reach what I’m supposed to  be holding onto.

My knees aren’t stiff enough and my hands burn from the rope.

It’s an hour

a minute

a second.


then it starts over.


She’s walking throughout the forest, on a path. 

It’s dark, night, no moon. 

She stops and asks her brother if he’d like to go inside, and he thinks about it for a second and decides that yes, 

indeed he would like to be warm, 

so they go inside. 

It’s musty and they cough. 

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